Generations is a multi-year social innovation project that will develop innovative solutions to build the social connectedness of older people.


We began 2018 with an intensive discovery process to gain a deeper understanding of the challenge of building the social connectedness of older people.

Working with a co-design group comprised of older people, stakeholders, technical experts and external provocateurs, we embarked on a process of discovery (research) and design that included empathy interviews with older people to better understand their lived experience.

This process has informed the development of insights into what helps older people to thrive and opportunities for change, which will be the starting point for designing solutions.


The goal of Generations is to reduce social isolation among older people, and ensure they have positive social connections to friends, family, communities, work and other activities that enable them to thrive, participate and contribute as full citizens. 


The Challenge


Social isolation in older people has emerged as a key health and social issue and can have a similar negative impact on the health of older people to that of smoking, high blood pressure or obesity.  


What's Next


We Can't Do it Alone

We are now seeking to partner with bold organisations who want to explore with us how to make a real difference to the urgent issue of the social isolation of older people.

If you are an organisation or funding provider interested in getting involved in Generations, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch -