The Plan


In September 2017 we made the decision to embark on a six-month plan to initiate the project without external funding (Phase One). From January to May 2018 we worked with our co-design group on a process of discovery (research) to generate insights on the lived experience of older people. 

In May 2018, we shared a set of insights into the challenge of building social connectedness and opportunities for change. These insights and opportunities will guide the design of solutions in the next phase of Generations. We are now looking to formalise partnerships to continue developing the areas for impact into specific ideas.

Phase Two starts with a process of creative thinking to generate ideas for solving the challenge. The most promising solutions will then be identified and tested with older people, and further iterated based on the learning from the testing (prototyping) process.  Once two to four solutions are strong enough, they will be tried out over a number of months in the real world - seeing what works and what doesn’t, and continuing to develop the solutions so they have the greatest impact on building social connectedness and reducing social isolation.